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"    As a person born in the land of art and culture, I am privileged to create my website and share my experiences with the world. As a professional photographer, I spent most of the time shooting theyyam photos and videos. When I freeze each moment of theyyam through my lens, it gives immense pleasure of doing something which I love. I feel the same happiness as the child who gets his favorite toy. Efforts and hardships will fade when your passion and dreams are intense. Theyyam is an art form performed in the Malabar regions of Kerala, mainly Kannur and Kozhikode. Each theyyam form is a reflection of God and each one of them was a common person who turned out to be a deity, each with different stories.

   Through this website, I would like to present every theyyam form to the world and educate people about the importance of culture and cordiality in human lives. It was the common people who rose to be God and their stories must reach many ears.




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